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The city is divided into four quadrants: NW, SW, SE, NE. The north-south boundary is Central Avenue while the east-west boundary is I-25. Each of the quadrants is further divided into areas that are referenced in listings of properties for sale here.

Construction Styles in Albuquerque

There is no shortage of new or re-sale homes in Albuquerque. There are many architectural styles to choose from: traditional, ranch, contemporary, and Southwest pueblo or territorial.  

New homes do not normally have landscaping or drapes. Most new homes have all carpeting and built-ins except for a refrigerator. There are many different subdivisions containing new homes and townhouses or condominiums. Depending upon your architectural preference and the area of the city you want to live in, there are a surprising number of new homes to choose from.  

Most houses in Albuquerque are constructed on lots ranging in size of 60-80 feet wide and 100-120 feet deep. There are exceptions, but this would be average. Townhouses are usually put on lots of 35-40 feet wide by 100-120 feet deep.  

Most houses in Albuquerque are built on one level. Basements are very seldom found. There are also very few subdivisions that have an alley behind the property. Most lots back up directly to the neighbor's property.  

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