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Albuquerque Weather

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Albuquerque receives 76% of all available sunshine. The airport elevation is 5312 feet. We have a mild but invigorating climate with distinct seasons. We have some snow, but it does not last long. Rain comes primarily in late summer and early fall, mostly in the form of thundershowers that are brief in duration. Rarely do we have a persistent drizzle. Average precipitation is eight inches annually.

A few days during the summer, the temperature may reach the 100 degree range, but the discomfort factor is kept down by the low humidity (summer average: 30%). It cools down rapidly when the sun gets low, making the summer evenings delightful. The summer average temperatures are a high of 89.9 degrees and a low of 63.7 degrees.

Winter days are mostly sunshine. Like the summer, it cools down quickly at night during the winter months with an average low temperature of 25 degrees.

All facts aside, a few words cannot adequately describe our clear blue skies, 60-mile view, and magnificent sunsets. You will just have to come see for yourself!

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