Link Building Tips – Develop a Custom Link Building Package For New Sites

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Link building tips 1 to 4 below will take you right inside the SEO labs of the best link popularity service providers. Strategies of link building specialists were also studied to provide these tips. You can develop a custom link building package which you can implement on your own afterwards.

Tip 1: Study Proper Keyword Research

Targeting the right keywords is an integral component. Imagine new domain sites targeting a keyword with 1000 searches and 120K competing websites.

If you study the 10 highest ranking sites for the keyword, you will learn a lot of things. These are all discussed in link building tips 2 and 3.

Tip 2: Learn About Domain Authority

Domain authority is not only limited to link popularity, service providers say. “Popularity” for search engine bots is a result of a lot of components. These factors include: (1) domain age, (2) link diversity, (3) backlink and onsite content relevance, (4) reputation or credibility and (5) average traffic, as some link building specialists have stated. Now how can new domain sites rank high for their target keywords, more so from a custom link building package?

Some say you can rank high for a keyword-optimized domain. For example, target keyword = “latest mobile phones”. A keyword-optimized domain will go like,.net

This new domain will be say PR0, obviously 0 traffic and no backlinks – “votes” as described by some link popularity service providers. After researching about the competitiveness of the target keyword “latest mobile phones”, you learn it has 317K competing sites.

Competing sites on 1st page results are 3-year domains which get 1000 viewers per day, with Google PR3 and 2000 backlinks on average. What’s also interesting is: links anchored by “latest mobile phones” on Google PR6 3 year old pages (with an average of 500 backlinks) pointing to sites with keyword-optimized domains are nowhere near the 2nd results page.

What does this say? According to the data above, this means Google PR and domain name are prioritized least, domain age and backlink volume plus diversity next, then most possibly content relevance and the direct result of content relevance = daily traffic, first. However, do not miss this: 317K sites are competing for the target keyword, which means this order of priority could change for more, or even less, competition. Only one way to find out though: test test test, but first = read on for link building tips 3 and 4. linkbuilding pakketten

Tip 3: Study Competition

At this point, you now know that a custom link building package should: (1) target the right keywords and (2) consider domain authority. Now take these 2 and what do you have? Yes: target keyword competitiveness.

As described by the last paragraph of tip 3 – knowing how competitor volume for target keywords can affect priorities of search engines for ranking sites, some link popularity service providers do not value competition higher than other factors possibly considered by search engines.

Though this may be true, the data above seems to indicate that: the factors considered most likely by search engines for ranking sites are given different priority percentages as competitor volume changes. No other way to find out but through testing and comparative analysis, as most link building specialists say, but what you learned from link building tips 1 to 3 can be improved further by reading tip 4.

Tip 4: Study How New Sites Can Be Indexed Quickly and Easily

Indexing is very important especially for new domain sites. Make your sites easier to index for search engine bots. Provide useful updated information on your sites. Contribute relevant content with your backlinks on popular websites also relevant to your niches. All of these are components of a custom link building package.

How can search engine bots easily index a site? Screenreaders and other accessibility tools are applications which can provide Web browsing capabilities to people with disabilities. Imagine yourself using a screenreader to browse a website because you cannot see it. Your software reads it for you.

This means they are both software = search engine bots and screenreaders. The difference lies in the purpose of each application.

However, the most important similarity is: websites developed with accessibility in mind for people who use these tools provide an easy to browse platform for these applications. This means make your websites accessible to these applications and make a robot’s day much easier, which in turn will make browsing much easier and more relevant to everyone. Also, this may perhaps be the reason why link building specialists keep on telling others to make their sites navigable. After all, websites accessible to handicapped users of such tools offer great convenience to them. If for instance a person who cannot see a site can easily navigate through it, then it would be simpler and much easier for people with eyesight, right?


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