SEO Services Aren’t a Luxury They’re a Necessity

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SEO – What’s That?

Many business owners we meet as SEO service providers ask what SEO is.

Search engine optimisation in brief is everything we do to ensure the search engines find your site and serve it up in the search results they present to people searching online.

Therefore it is based on keyword targeting and optimising. Knowing what keywords are searched in the market. Optimising the content to ensure search engines can see the content is relevant to that search keyword or phrase. seo marketing firm

When the website is optimised SEO extends off page to build backlinks, an authority presence for the site and drive online search traffic to it.

SEO Services – More Than Just Rankings

SEO Services whilst being about rankings need to have a broader focus to being about rankings for high search traffic and buying keywords.

Just as a website is wasted if nobody sees it. SEO investments are wasted if they focus on ranking for keywords that nobody is searching.

A number 1 ranking in Google is only as good as the keyword it is built on.

SEO Services for Business

One of the most confusing aspects for businesses is who to trust with SEO. There are so many SEO providers to choose from.

Some search engine optimisation services mass market and work with everyone. Other SEO Service providers in offer exclusivity to their clients working for only one business type in any market individual location.

It is important when choosing an SEO provider to search out a provider who offers a free SEO audit of each website. That audit is the starting point to know whether to progress and should include package and timeframe details. It is common not to include individual keyword details or ‘how-to’ specifics in the report. Many SEO service providers consider that proprietary information. A free audit is really the opening of discussions.

From there campaign details can be finalised when packages are agreed upon. In most instances SEO services are billed in advance and will often include a minimum period. The minimum initial period is important because SEO results do not happen overnight. They are not instantaneous and even when rankings are generated continuous SEO is required to maintain those rankings. If not, there is nothing to stop the next biggest player in the market doing exactly what you did to take over that number 1 position.


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