The Aroma Therapy Application For the iPhone

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Aromatherapy is the application of organic essential oils to treat a variety of conditions and ailments. The essential oils have different properties and can be blended together to create a synergy that can help us treat physical conditions as well as affect our emotions for a feeling of well being.

As a massage therapist, I often hear clients start phrases with I feel…. Or I have….. This is why I decided to split up the application into these two categories. As the person using the iPhone app., you simply need to complete the sentence with what ails or browse through the list of 74 different conditions and a solution will appear. You will see what oils are beneficial to you with a few different methods of applications. 홈타이

Also included in the application is a list of 92 different essential oils and their properties. This will allow you to see all that one oil can help you with. Example, you may have bought orange for it’s relaxing affects but could see that it also helps for lowering high blood pressure.

You will also be able to add conditions and essential oils to a favorites list for an even quicker reference.

And finally, there is a contra indication and precaution page to guide you on how to use the essential oils properly.

Aromatherapy has been for me and my clients a very beneficial natural way to treat a variety of conditions. I hope that with this application, others will be able to have a quick and easy reference to be able to treat themselves and people around them to find relief via aromatherapy.

I am a massage therapist that worked with medl mobile on making the aromatherapy app. for the iPhone.


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