The Most Important Things to Remember About Dating Girls

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Dating girls is natural, almost every guy has done it. But, some people find it amusing while others see it as a headache. Headache or not, they must face it. However, there is a successful way of doing it. If you are among the ones who want their date to be a hurdle, here are some tips you should inculcate in your mind. กลุมลับ

Remember only one thing, the first and the last, girls are not guys! Therefore, your behavior towards them should be completely different. Do not behave the way you will do with a boy whether he is your friend or brother. Girls are demanding. They like gentlemen. So, avoid childish behaviors when you are with them. For example avoid doing funny noises which normally you do when you are with boys.

Generally among boys, you vent about your female conquests. But, this is not something that you should talk about with your date. Do not dare to utter a word about your ex if you want everything to go on well.

When you meet them at their place, take some time and dress yourself. Comb your hair, wear a nice deodorant, clean clothes and buy chocolates or flowers. Boys, your dates are not your best pals and that is why you should be chic. You will project a good image of yourself. And actually ladies melt over chocolates and flowers.

I know you are all well-mannered boys, but I’m just reminding you about this. Girls adore boys who are courteous and who treat them like princesses. Sometimes, you do not pay attention to the simplest things and these simplest things can be the cause of a bad date. So, always remember this rule, “ladies first”. Let them in first in the car, pull their chair and allow them to sit first in a restaurant, etc.

Avoid talking too much or if you do, talk of something that will make sense to them. Do not talk of football. Instead ask about her choices, their favorite colors, movie types etc. Try to be a little romantic if you can, of course by staying in a limit.


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